How Serving Your Best Interests is In Our Best Interests

In recent years, reputation management has grown from a cottage industry serving only the most elite companies and personality-driven businesses to an absolutely critical tool for any business looking to expand. The permanence of online reviews combined with the number of platforms available to post them means that a single negative experience has real potential impact on a business. And in the world of buying agents, the reputation of a service and its agents can make or break a business. That is why James & James has an unflinching commitment to getting clients matched to the right leading buying agent for their requirements. When a client entrusts us with their business, we believe that we have a range of property search agents to exceed their expectations.

As we see it, it is simply a better experience for everyone when the buying agent listens thoroughly to the property requirements, buying schedule, and personal needs of the client. Falling short of our promise of well-tailored and seamless buying experiences would essentially be false advertising on our part and we value the trust of our clients too much to take such a risk.

Secondly, at James & James we are keenly aware that we serve influential and well-networked clientele who rely on recommendations of colleagues and friends. When buying agents source clients the best properties for their needs with a focused and personal approach, they are likely to spread the word about our services. Much of our early client base was based on just this type of referral and it remains an important source of knowledge for us. We recognise that the same principle goes in the opposite direction if a buying experience is substandard. A bad review travels quickly and particularly quickly among influential clients like ours. This informs how we select our buying agents and how we expect them to engage with clients.

James & James operates differently from other firms: we hand select buying agents throughout the United Kingdom for our clients and ensure that these agents have a track record of success securing the best properties for clients with a personalised approach and exclusive access to off-market properties. Pairing their experience with our clientele has meant the consistent delivery of exclusive properties without ever compromising on exceptional and bespoke service.

In an industry niche so reliant on reputations and relationships, we believe it is imperative to listen to our clients’ needs and then to act accordingly. This commitment translates to a sustainable business reputation for us and to lasting satisfaction for our clients.